Organic Beauty Never Looked So Good

Welcome to my first post!

Like most women, I love to look my best both professionally and personally.  Yes, I have my ponytail, sweatpants wearing days, but I’ve always been amazed with how beauty products can make you feel invincible.  Apply your favorite nail polish and you instantly have a new look!

Yet, have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on your favorite lotion or shampoo and think, “How in the world do you pronounce that word?”  Chances are, that one word can signify a harmful chemical that you’re applying on your skin or hair.  Life may be challenging, but choosing safe products for your skin, hair, and every day use shouldn’t be.

Growing up with naturally curly hair, I’ve probably tried every hair product out there to fight the frizz and tame my locks.  Little did I know, ingredients in those hair products were contributing to my unmanageable hair days.  I’d have to say I started becoming more knowledgeable about safer alternatives when one of my former co-workers introduced me to DevaCurl a couple years ago (stay tuned for more details in a later blog).  In addition to hair, I learned about 3-free nail polishes and became even more passionate about finding safer alternatives to the toxic and harsh chemicals found in our favorite brands.

Granted, most (if not all) cosmetic brands include ingredients either on the product itself or online, but these brands and ingredients are not subject to premarket approval from the FDA.  Isn’t that absurd?  We’re only given one life and while we don’t want to go crazy and spend hours reading a list of ingredients, we should become more aware of what we’re putting on our skin and hair.  I mean let’s face it – beauty shouldn’t be so scary!

Now here I am, ready to share my knowledge with you.  We apply so many products day after day without even thinking about what our skin is absorbing, but rest assured, there are fun, long-lasting products out there that will make your beauty routine more manageable and safe.

This segues to a meaningful message from my Yogi tea bag:




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