Concealer – A Beauty Girl’s Best Friend


I just purchased rms beauty‘s ‘un’ cover-up concealer, which actually serves as a foundation as well, and I’m loving every little bit of this thing. RMS is short for Rose-Marie Swift, the make-up artist who launched this great brand.

The concealer scores a one (1) on Skin Deep (, which is excellent!  I will always welcome low hazard products with open arms.

It comes packaged in a small .20oz recyclable glass with a recyclable metal lid.  You can conveniently drop in your clutch or handbag on those days you want to travel light, but are worried you’ll need a quick touch-up.

One, of several things, I love about this concealer is that you can simply apply it on your face with your finger.  The rms beauty site sums it up nicely and says, “The warmth of your fingers soften products so they are easily blended using minimal application.” I’m a big fan of applying make-up with my fingers as opposed to using a brush, and it’s one less thing I have to squeeze into my make-up bag.  Brushes definitely come in handy, especially when blending eyeshadow, but if I can do without it most of the time, I’m all for it.

We all look to concealers to cover dark circles or bags, but you can get those benefits and more with rms beauty ‘un’ cover-up.  Plus, it will give you a brighter, more youthful appearance.


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