Sunburn Be Gone


Summer is flying by and I know we’re all trying to squeeze in more beach/pool days, BBQs, and all the fun outdoors-y things before we welcome Fall. Even though we should be applying SPF thoroughly, we sometimes get lazy and miss spots, or worse – not apply any at all!

I can’t stress enough how important sun protection is, but if you happen to get a sun burn, try applying aloe vera to your skin. I grew up with butter and cold lotion “remedies”. While these methods bring back funny and amazing childhood memories, the truth is, you’ll not only find relief from refrigerated aloe vera once you apply it on your skin, but your skin will benefit in other ways as well. Aloe Vera is 99% water so it keeps the skin hydrated. It also improves skin elasticity, so I like to apply this on my face regularly.

And you know I can’t forget about hair. Aloe vera not only adds shine to hair, but it’s also a great moisturizer and is known to prevent hair loss.

I’m a huge fan of products that have multiple health and beauty benefits. You’ll always find at least one bottle of aloe vera in my fridge.


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