What’s in a name?


We’ve all experienced looking at an endless list of ingredients on the back of beauty products and wondering what it all really means. Ingredients that are not part of our daily vocabulary.

Sadly, the beauty industry is not regulated, so we have to take it upon ourselves to become educated on the types of products we apply on skin, hair, and spray on our bodies.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance our beauty, but at what expense?

This past weekend, EWG launched their Skin Deep app and I’m beyond excited! As you know, this is one of my favorite sites. If you’ve ever questioned what’s in your beauty products, download this now. You can even scan barcodes for a quicker search.

If you’re not familiar with EWG and their amazing efforts/work, Google them ASAP! Their Skin Deep section is my go-to guide for everything beauty


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