The Many Faces of Coconut Oil

Sooo sorry I’ve been M.I.A., guys! Hope you’re all doing well.

I wanted to share the various ways I use coconut oil and I think you’ll quickly realize that this is the ultimate beauty staple.


Coconut oil is part of my daily routine. It’s practically like a credit card; I can’t leave home without it. When you think about all of our daily beauty needs, you realize you need something to keep your skin smooth, something else to keep your hair moisturized, and another product to prevent chapped lips. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming storage wise and economically to keep up with all of our beauty needs and essentials.

This is why I love coconut oil.  It’s so versatile.

Now here’s I use this amazing product:

  • As a Body “lotion” – I used to apply tons of lotion to my body, especially scented lotion. Then, unrefined coconut oil came into my life. After I shower, I apply this all over my body to keep my skin hydrated. You’ll look super shiny for a while, but trust me, your skin will feel refreshingly smooth.
  • As “Chapstick” – I like to apply this to my lips at night, especially in the winter, to prevent my lips from feeling dry and chapped.  My lips are noticeably smoother and moisturized the next day. (If you end up licking your lips and eating a bit, no worries.  You’ll find out why in my 4th bullet point.)
  • As a Deep Conditioner – See my Homemade Hair Protein blog for the recipe. I like to apply coconut oil to my hair at least once a month for about an hour. It completely penetrates the hair to keep it strong and healthy. I might try a 24 hour span soon. I hear it adds extra shine. If the coconut oil is in a solid form, just put a few spoonfuls in a bowl. It practically melts with the warmth of your hands when you’re ready to apply it to your hair. You can also place the jar in warm water if you want it to be in a liquid warm fairly quickly.
  • As a Snack – I’ve actually only done this a handful of times, but you can eat the coconut oil as well. A tablespoon a day is known to boost your immunity levels and also helps achieve healthier skin and hair.  Eating coconut oil has other countless benefits, easily making this your new best friend.

You’ll see both refined coconut oil and unrefined coconut oil on the market, but I prefer unrefined coconut oil, which is at its purest form.  This will allow you to reap all of the health benefits both inside and out.


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