The New Curly Hair Method


I remember coming across something called the LOC (leave-in conditioner, oil and cream) Method on and thinking that I generally apply leave-in conditioner and cream on my hair, but rarely keep oil on my tresses for an extended period of time. I’m a fan of all three types of products, but at different times. Nonetheless, I thought this was fascinating and easy enough to remember.

Shortly after, I came across a video by SunKissAlba, a YouTube guru, praising this same method. I was even more excited to give this a shot after seeing the results on a fellow curly girl.

My current LOC products are:
1) DevaCurl One Condition (leave-in)
2) Coconut Oil (oil)
3) SheaMoisture (cream)

I apply the leave-in and cream generously and about a dime-size of oil. This winter I’m less concerned about volume and like the soft, free flowing look (as seen in the picture above). If you want to achieve more volume, you may want to add less product, but again, it all depends on your hair texture. Just remember, this method is all about moisture – so whether or not you want wild, voluminous hair, moisture is essential.

I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive about the oil weighing down my hair; however, as pointed out, it’s important to give it a try to see what works for your hair. Applying oil doesn’t imply using half of the bottle/jar; use your best judgment and take your hair texture into consideration. Also keep in mind the type of volume you’re looking to achieve.

A few things I’ve noticed so far using this method: less tangles, more shine and less maintenance. Way to go LOC!

What LOC products are your favorite?


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