DIY Hunter Boots Cleaning Method


Winter has been extremely harsh in the East Coast this year so I’ve been making good use of my Hunter boots. One thing you’ve probably noticed with these amazing boots, whether you have your own pair or have seen them on someone else, is that they get this white coating over the entire boot. According to the FAQ section of the Hunter website, “This is described by the term ‘blooming’ and is completely normal for natural rubber products.” I thought this gave an interesting look to it at first, but then I missed my gray boots!

Hunter seems to have some great products that will get the job done when it comes to giving it that brand new look, but I decided to give something from my kitchen cabinet a try – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

EVOO does an amazing job at cleaning my stainless steel appliances (refrigerator and dishwasher) and is quite delicate so I had high hopes for this. Whenever I can use something from my kitchen cabinet as a cleanser as well, I’m all for it. Simply grab a cloth, apply EVOO and pass it over your boots.

The picture above doesn’t do it justice because I had just used it in the snow (a before and after picture would have been great here), but I am loving the results. I’ve used my Hunter boots a few times since doing this method and aside from the obvious dirt from being outdoors and from the snow, EVOO got the job done.

What products do you you like to use in a variety of ways?


3 thoughts on “DIY Hunter Boots Cleaning Method

  1. Great tip. I use EVOO as an overall moisturizer for my face. It’s great. No more dry flakes. I put it on at night n even before I shower. EVOO is also great for split ends. It’s better than using gel on your hair. Everyone has EVOO in their kitchen cabinet. Ladies it’s even great to use on your nails to moisturize your cuticles. Omg winter has been so harsh this year. It’s also great for tired dry heels!!

    • Exactly, winter was harsh this year in NY! It’s great when we could use every day products in various ways to save a buck :-).

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