Classic Rain…

raincoat DSC_0121


Raincoat: Michael Kors / Rain Boots: Hunter / Umbrella: Shedrain 

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a dreary, rain day in NYC, but one thing that brightens up my day when raindrops hit the top of my umbrella is classic rain gear. If you look back 10, 20 years ago, most likely you will see a good, timeless raincoat. I love classic looks because they essentially never go out of style. Trends are fun, but there’s something about wearing something that Marilyn Monroe may have sported that makes you feel chic and confident.

This is a little different from my standard posts, but the same way your makeup and hair can make you feel like you can conquer a long day, there’s nothing like clothes that make you feel your best. Obviously, style and taste vary from one person to the next, but when in doubt on a rainy day, grab a neutral raincoat (if it’s not too hot out), bright umbrella, and your favorite rain boots.


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