My Journey to Find a Wedding Hair Stylist


For anyone who has planned a wedding, or is currently planning one, you know that booking vendors in advance is essential, especially during the peak wedding season when demand is high.  Well, about 3 months before my wedding in April, I realized that the hair stylist I had in mind wasn’t going to work with my budget.  Naturally, I freaked out – not knowing if I can secure a new salon or hair stylist in time.

I immediately turned to the world wide web for some much needed advice and direction.  In less than 5 minutes, I came across Guys and Dolls Hair Salon in the Bronx.  One thing that was important to me was supporting local vendors,  so after reading one great review after another, I was happy to call them and book an appointment.

Nicole, my hairdresser, made me feel incredibly comfortable as soon as I sat in her chair for my hair trial. Before my appointment, they told me to come with ideas I had in mind mind, and similar to the wedding day, to wash my hair a day or two before coming in, not the day of the appointment.  You want your hair to have a firm hold on your special day, regardless of the style, so believe it or not, the dirtier the better.

Long story, short – I was thrilled with my trial and went forward with it for my wedding day!

The most important things to remember when getting ready for your big day are:

  • Don’t be afraid to say “no” to vendors and stay within your budget.
  • Shop around!
  • Hair Trials are key. Come armed with pics you found online or in a magazine.
  • And most importantly, have fun!

Before the big day, I also visited Nicole for a hair trim and opted for some fun, loose curls. I don’t generally straighten or get my hair done at a salon, so I wanted to try a different look.  Here’s the pic (sans makeup):


Do you guys recommend any salons for soon-to-be brides?


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