My Dry Haircut Experience

Curl love & happiness can exist only in accepting them. – Lorraine Massey


It’s sad to say, but too many curly-haired girls (and even wavy-haired girls) run away from their natural hair.  In fact, I was one of them.  Now, I’m happy to admit that I have not straightened my hair since November 2012!!!  While I haven’t completely sworn off straightening my hair, I’ve come to accept and be more comfortable with flaunting what my momma gave me.

Several months ago I had my first dry cut at DevaChan Salon in Soho.  I’ve heard fellow curly girls explain how amazing the experience is, and after seeing and going through the process firsthand, I’d have to agree.  A dry cut essentially means that your hair is being trimmed or cut prior to washing.  DevaCurl explains that every strand and curl is unique; therefore, it should be cut dry in the natural state that it’s in.  My stylist was Susan and she was amazing!  She walked me through the entire process and gave me some great tips.

I’ve had countless occasions where I walked into a salon for a trim and came out looking like I underwent a big chop!!!  OK fine, it hasn’t been that dramatic, but if you have curly or wavy hair, I think once you get a Deva cut, there’s no going back.  Yes, it’s pricey, but according to the stylists, you only have to get a cut once or twice a year.

It felt great walking into a salon with curly hair, seeing other curly people (even stylists), and walking out with curly hair.  No unbearable hair dryers or hot blow dryers needed!

I’m certainly going back to DevaChan for my 2nd dry cut experience.  I don’t think I ever truly knew my hair until I learned the “curly girl method”.  Stay tuned for my wash and go process in an upcoming post.


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